Whoa, Wait. Walmart? + Uncle Ben’s® Ready Rice

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We are rice people. Well let me back up, my husband and I are rice people. About a month ago my husband said this exact sentence: “We have got to get the boys to like rice.” And I completely agreed. We are always looking for more sides to serve with their dinners. My boys are picky and try as I may, they resist a lot of the foods I cook for them. I decided to try my hand at a little mom trickery – you know what I’m talking about ladies. So here was my thought: if I let them help out with dinner, maybe they will be more excited to eat the foods they had a hand in preparing. I know what you are thinking, meal time is already crazy why would I invite a 3 year old in to amp that up?? Well, another dose of mom trickery: pick something that is super easy.
Enter Uncle Ben’s® Ready Rice. Cooks in the microwave or in a skillet and requires a tad of stirring, which can be done by, you guessed it, a 3 year old. We also let him choose the flavor of rice as an added layer of ownership in the meal. All of the ones we have tried have been delicious but our favorite is Creamy Four Cheese because, well……cheese.

The Uncle Ben’s® Brand is hosting the sixth annual Ben’s Beginners™ Cooking Contest to inspire families to cook together! Head over to Beginners.UncleBens.com for more info!

Cooking with my kids really is a fun way to get some quality time together. Thanks for the reminder Uncle Ben!

And pick up a pack or few of Uncle Ben’s® Ready Rice next time you are in Walmart. Under $2! #whoawaitwalmart #ad #walmart #UncleBens #readyrice #cookingwithkids #bensbeginners