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Whoa, Wait. Walmart? + Triple Paste® Diaper Cream

Disclaimer: We were provided this product by Triple Paste and compensated to promote said product. Pinky promise that the opinions here are truthful and our very own. In fact, we only accept partnerships with companies whose products we like and use. Whoa, wait. Walmart? is in no way responsible for quality of, or your satisfaction with, any products viewed on our blog. Have questions? Ask us in the comments over on Instagram! (insert kissy face emoji!)

Let’s see… I’ve been changing diapers for 6 years straight now with no end in sight (j/k, close friends and family – I *think* I’m currently diapering my last bottom). While none of my three babies have ever suffered from severe diaper rash, a little here and there was inevitable.

It wasn’t until this current derriere that I was introduced to Triple Paste Diaper Cream.  After reading the rave reviews online, I was excited to test it out my(her)self. People swear by this stuff! After using it for a few months, it has moved to the top of my list. True story: we recently went on a trip and my littlest had a diaper rash flare up. I sent my husband to Walmart with the specific instruction to track down Triple Paste. I needed what I knew would work quickly, and it did just the trick.

Triple Paste, used by pediatricians and dermatologists, is calming and provides serious relief for raw, painful and stubborn diaper rash. I love that it is gentle enough to use everyday to prevent diaper rash from occurring in the first place.

Trying out tons of diaper rash cream is a rite of passage for a new mom, but I’ll save you a little time and money: start with TriplePaste.

Find it at Walmart in the baby section!