Whoa, Wait. Walmart + Kleenex® Wet Wipes*

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Hey lovelies! Here’s a question for ya: growing up, did you refer to those things you blow your nose into as ‘tissues’ or ‘Kleenex’? For me, it was always ‘Kleenex’, because that’s the only brand my family ever bought. And as a life- long Kleenex® brand tissue consumer, I was excited to be introduced to their new line of wet wipes.

There are a couple of types and my household actually needs both of them!

· Gentle Clean: A gentle clean for hands and face. No harsh chemicals.
· Germ Removal: Clinically proven to wipe away 99% of germs from skin. No harsh chemicals. (Especially clutch in my house. I love that it removes germs AND can be used on hands and faces!)

Here are the ways I have been using Kleenex® Wet Wipes*:

IN THE CAR: I have three young children, which means every time we arrive at any destination, I have three faces that need wiping. Why, how, when, where did all of the crusty, dried grossness land on their faces all day, every day? It’s one of life’s great mysteries. But they’re gentle enough for faces, so bring on the Kleenex Wet Wipes. I also keep a pack of the Germ Removal wipes in the car as well. Because I wouldn’t be a modern mom if I weren’t worried about all the germs. These will especially come in handy when we start back to school. I’ll definitely wipe down their hands/face at pick up everyday!

IN THE CRAFT BIN: Guys, I do not have a “craft bin” per say. But I have crafts so maybe this will inspire me to organize them into a bin. All of that to say, I think it would be a perfect place to keep a pack of wipes! Right there, ready to go to clean up those hands after those fun messes.

Speaking of messes: Ice cream consumption is at an all time high over here this summer and I’m wondering if more ends up on their face or in their stomach. ????????‍♀️???? Kleenex Wet Wipes are helping keep me sane by taking care of those faces/hands.

And the Kleenex® (individually wrapped) Wet Wipes*:

TRAVEL: I’ve been traveling a ton for work over the last few months and having these puppies in my bag has been great. I won’t fly without them! I wipe down tray tables, arm rests and my hairbrush that fell out of my bag and onto the floor under the seat in front of me (gag). And of course I use them on my own hands after handling all the germy things in the plane.

AT THE GYM: Look – I do not workout, nor am I a current member of any gym, but I know that many of you responsible adults are, so I admit this is a hypothetical scenario. But there have been sporadic moments of gym membership, and in those moments, I was never a “shower at the gym” person… I would have totally kept these in my gym bag, and used them to freshen up with after an intense workout. Actually the Kleenex® Germ Removal would be perfect for the gym because it is also a rather germy place.

No harsh chemicals, yet strong for hands and soft enough for face and body, and from a name we all trust, Kleenex® Wet Wipes* deserve a try!

How will you use them?

Available at Walmart in the facial tissue aisle! ($4.98 for 2 packages of 56 count) #whoawaitwalmart #walmart @walmart #Kleenex #KleenexWetWipes