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Hi friends, Bethany here! Can we talk about nude hosiery? Grab your drink, have a seat, and let’s chat.

I’ve been seeing Kate Middleton and Ariana Grande rock nude hosiery (Go Google it and come right back.) for a couple of years now, and it got me thinking about trying the look out for myself. Let’s discuss why we should be jumping on the nude hosiery bandwagon, first. Then, we’ll tackle how I think it can be done well.

Why try the nude hosiery look?

1. Leg Makeup

Amanda has been using what she calls “leg makeup” for a few years to help her legs look their best when they are bare. This is a great strategy! However, for me, I have yet to try it. Here’s why: It’s hard enough for me to not get makeup on my shirts, so the thought of getting makeup on my skirts, dresses, or shorts stresses me out.

Guess what? Hanes Beyond Bare are sheer hosiery that give your legs a smooth, polished look. LEG MAKEUP! Without the mess! #winning In the above Before/After, I can love that the sheers give my legs even color and mute a few bruises I had.

2. Fickle Springtime Weather

I’m so pumped to rock hosiery this Easter to get a springy look, but stay a little bit warmer. You all know what I’m talking about. Easter could be perfectly warm and sunny or cold and rainy. You just never know!

So, I’ll be wearing my Hanes Beyond Bare sheers to help my legs look polished and stay warm.

How do you wear nude hosiery?

Wear them like you’d wear bare legs! Most people won’t even notice, I promise. I like to style them with a closed toe and closed heel shoe, to be extra incognito about them. 😉 My shade of choice is Transparent.

Other bonus features with Hanes Beyond Bare sheers:

  • ComfortFlex® Waistband
  • Moisture Wicking Cool Comfort® knitting
  • Run Resistant Technology
  • Sheer Toe
  • Available at Walmart for $6.97!
  • 5 sizes and 5 shades, plus black

Thank you for reading! Have questions or comments? Pop over to the Instagram post and chime in there. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on nude sheers!

xo, Bethany

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