Whoa, Wait. Walmart? + Fiskars Summit Knives

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Hey guys! Here’s a confession: I (Amanda) have no idea how to correctly chop/dice/slice food while prepping chopping/dicing/slicing-necessary meals. My cooking skills are novice at best, but my family of five is depending on said skills to feed them, so I find myself in the kitchen more often than I really like. When I watch cooking shows, I’m all ‘how did they learn to use those knives with such agility?!?!’ And then I answer my own question: ‘Oh, they probably went to culinary school or just practiced a lot’. Neither is a realistic option for me, but when Fiskars reached out about their new line of ergonomically-designed knives, I was pumped to give them a whirl and possibly up my game. Am I now an expert chopper/dicer/slicer? Not in the least, but I do notice a marked improvement over the boring cutlery in my kitchen and am now a bit more excited about the process of cooking.

Here a few things you should know about the Summit knives:

* Premium stainless steel blade that provides long-lasting sharpness

* Pinch-grip zone conjured and finished with texture to give control and support

* Textured handle for a non-slip grip

* Dishwasher safe blade guard

Inspired by the “chef’s pinch” grip, Fiskars designed a great quality knife that is comfortable to hold, and IMO, easier to handle than traditional knives. Plus, they come with blade guards and are dishwasher safe, which I very much love.
The Summit Knives are sold as a set or individually on Walmart.com. They would make a great addition to your own kitchen, but I could also see these as great wedding gift material.  Let us know if you or a newlywed couple you know gives them a try!

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