Whoa, Wait. Walmart? + Brother P-Touch Label Maker


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Hey lovelies! Can you believe we are already well into February?!?! I like to get a little bit of a jump start on spring cleaning by beginning with organizational projects. Over the last few months a few spaces have really fallen by the wayside. Coming in at the top of the “fallen by the wayside” list is our makeshift pantry. I say ‘makeshift’ because we live in a smaller, ranch home and, while our kitchen is a decent size, it lacks a substantial pantry. Hey – small ‘broom closet’ with a return air vent next to our dining area… will you be our pantry? Great! Because you are our only option.

Because our pantry is a makeshift space, it’s easy for items to feel out of place or disorganized. When I received my Brother P-touch 200G label maker, I was excited to finally bring some order to my kitchen. To begin, I made a list of all the boxed and bagged food ‘staples’ (i.e. my family’s main food groups: crackers, chips, cereals, etc.) which would be better suited for washable containers. List in hand, I headed to Walmart for containers and supplies. To supplement my rose gold baskets (that are still available at Walmart!! Insert praise hands emoji), I needed some plastic containers as well. Getting rid of the cardboard boxes not only made things more organized, but it also made things more pleasing to the eye. And I’m a sucker for aesthetics.

Next step: LABELS! The P-touch label maker was super easy to use and I love being able to choose from a variety of tape colors. After testing out a few fonts and styles, I chose a classic look and went with white tape with black lettering. It’s so fun to see all of the options! I *may* have printed out labels for other things around the house, because no project is complete without a few moments of distraction?!?!? Amiright? Speaking of, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to switch out the tapes.


To label the wire baskets, I took some old clothes pins and added the print outs to one side. It’s great because I can switch out the clothes pin labels depending on our stock in the pantry. Over the next month I may add a few more containers/baskets but for now, I am enjoying the significant improvement!





Now excuse me, that sock drawer is not going to label itself! Pick up this Brother P-touch Label Maker at Walmart stores or online HERE! Only $29.88! Bonus: it comes with a Black on White TZe tape to get you started!

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