Whoa, Wait. Walmart? + Bröö Groom

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My wife asked me to review the Broo Craft Beer Barber ‘trifecta’ (Shower Session Wash / Mug & Mane Lotion / Condi-Shave Cream) which I have been using of late. I love my wife, therefore I will now give you my thoughts on these products:

First, these products’ #1 ingredient is beer. A quick Google search for “people who wash their hair with beer” turns up such hair-idols as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jackie Kennedy, and, of course, the Nordic seafaring Vikings. Just kidding about Vikings, but my gut tells me I’m probably not wrong. We’ve all seen and admired Leif Erickson’s beautiful Norwegian head of hair. You think it got that way from rinsing with lutefisk? I think not.

Sure, I am no viking… but yes, I am a man and I have a beard. Some of the more popular beard-doppelgänger comments I get from strangers: Jim Henson, Daniel Bryan (a muscular WWE wrestler) and/or any given Old Testament minor prophet. Mainly, I tell you this to say that I like to be on my facial hair A-game, which requires the occasional practice of good facial hair hygiene. Broo Craft Beer Shower Session Wash hygiene’s me right. It has a manly smell, but not a ‘I slathered my face in free cologne samples at the mall’ sort of way… just the right amount of unobtrusive musk. And an important note: these products in no way smell like a guy spilled his beer down your back while trying to catching a foul ball at a minor league baseball game. It’s very pleasant and very male. Same goes for the conditioner and grooming lotion and I’m on board. Beer as a hygiene product… who knew? (Mrs. JFK and vikings, that’s who).

Perhaps this is too much hair-hygiene talk for one man… I don’t know. But if it is, the simple fact that I’m washing/conditioning/lotion-ing with beer gives me a conversational, if not follicular edge over the naysayers. And if I somehow become known for having the ‘Catherine Zeta-Jones of beards’, I will wear it as a badge of honor. You should, too.

Amanda here ~ Pick up the Bröö Groom line next time you are in Walmart! Under 6 bucks! (Psst… this would make a great Father’s Day Gift!)

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