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Happy International Women’s Day, friends! I feel so lucky to be alive in this day and age where women are being celebrated and honored in a way that hasn’t always been the norm. On this special day, I’m so thrilled to focus and reflect on my favorite female of all time: Patsy Ruth Lowery Davis – my mom. Sure, I love her because she is loving, kind, steadfast, beautiful, etc. But I also respect and admire her because she is assertive, smart, strong, confident and ever-positive. Assertiveness is one of my favorite qualities in a person, and I think that is because it’s a trait I have long been exposed to in my mother.

She truly is my hero, or in honor of today, my shero. My spry, young mother is 80 and of those 80 years she was married to my father for 60 years and during those 60 years, they ran multiple businesses together. Last year my sweet daddy lost his short battle with cancer and my sisters and I all assumed my mom would sell off the businesses or hire someone to run them for her. But no – not Pat Davis. She has continued to run the family business in the most impressive ways. My sisters and I are bursting with pride, and we know for a fact our dad would be so proud, too. Mom – I want to be just like you and I have a little lady at home that will want to be like you too!

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