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Tips From a Novice Plant Mom

my favorite walmart planters

When a lot of people were baking bread or perfecting their at-home workout routine during the early days of Covid, I decided I would dig in (literally) to caring for my house plants. Like really focus on them. I could kinda keep some alive but I (nor they) had ever thrived. I’m not an expert by any means but there are a few things that have really worked for me and I’d say my plant babies are mostly thriving as a result. 

Here are a few tips from a novice plant mom: 

Plant food

Just like us, our plant babies need their vitamins and nutrients. My favorite is Arber and lucky for all of us, it is sold at Walmart. They also make an organic insect control that is a must-have! Pests be gone! 

Watering Schedule 

I know there is mixed advice on this one but having a schedule really helped me commit to plant care long-term. I got to where I looked forward to the time that I carved out each week (Saturdays for me) to water and examine each plant. Sometimes it’s a quick glance; sometimes, I take the time to prune as well. 

Advice from Pros 

There are a ton of amazing Instagram accounts out there that have helped me tremendously. One of my favorites is @HappyHappyHousePlant. Mandy even has highlight reels showing care of specific plants, propagation, and house plant fails, which honestly is just as helpful as the successes. 

Plants are tricky, so don’t get discouraged if one of your plants just doesn’t like it at your place. It’s them, not you. Well, maybe a little bit you, but don’t give up! I was 40 when I started being a decent plant mom. Maybe one of these days if I focus, I’ll learn to cook! Ha! 

Unique Walmart Planters at the Best Price

Next time you are at Walmart, take a stroll through the Garden Center. I have found some amazing and unique plants at the best prices. And you know we love the planter selection! Almost all of the planters in my home are from Walmart. 

Here is a peek at what is new right now at Walmart! So new in fact that they are not online just yet. We’ll add the links once they are available!

Better Homes and Gardens Washed Terra Cotta Planter at Walmart Ivory off-white, woven rope patterned planter at Walmart Clay planter at Walmart Better Homes & Gardens 12 Waves White Planter at Walmart Modern black raised planter at Walmart

Are you a plant mama? What are your tips? I’d love to know what works for you! 

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