The After School Secret

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Anyone else have an exhausted, volatile post-school day child? Goodness, that was probably the biggest adjustment to my big girl heading to Kindergarten. Over the course of the school year, I’ve found a few little tricks to avoiding the falling-apart after school blues. Ready? JK, it’s not an Earth shattering idea.

A healthy snack and quality time are the two keys for us to all be on good terms for the best part of our day. Bonus points if it’s an extra special snack or extra cool quality time. Extra cool snacks usually mean unhealthy, but they don’t have to! My girls love cheese. (See previous post here.) The only thing that could get them more excited about cheese is characters on the packaging. Paw Patrol® cheese bites are Colby Jack cheese in the perfect little sizes. They are available in 6 oz bags at Walmart, no extra grocery stops for these!

Our Paw Patrol® cheese bites take care of the calcium and don’t have sugar, which could undo our efforts of good moods. Add in some fruit and hummus and crackers, and your snack plate is done! My sweet girl loved eating her snack picnic-style in our driveway, with me by her side.

What are your snacking go-tos? Do your kiddos love Paw Patrol® too?

xo, Bethany