Staying Healthy This Winter

Disclaimer: We were provided this product by Envion and compensated to promote said product. Pinky promise that the opinions here are truthful and our very own. In fact, we only accept partnerships with companies whose products we like and use. Whoa, wait. Walmart? is in no way responsible for quality of, or your satisfaction with, any products viewed on our blog. Have questions? Ask us in the comments! (insert kissy face emoji!)

One of the ways that Amanda and I like to keep our families healthier is by using the Envion Iconic Pro Elite Air Ionizer and Purifier in our homes. You can order it on walmart.com or find it in select Walmart stores. This air purifier has so many benefits! Also, it requires very little effort on your part. I have two that I move from room to room in our house, as needed. It works best in a room 550 square feet or less. 

Here are my favorite features:

The Iconic Pro Elite purifies and detoxifies air by using UV light to reduce airborne germs, but in an energy efficient way. (Not today cold, flu, and strep season!) It removes allergens like pollen, dust, and dander. This feature makes it great for homes with pets, like mine. You can run it any time of day, because it has completely silent operation. The 3-speed fan settings let you select the desired cleaning level: silent, germ, allergy, or max. Germs and irritants like bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and pollution are trapped and removed from the air. Dust? Odors? Smoke? Yep, it can tackle those too. 

Remember how I said it requires very little effort on your part?

You plug it in, turn it on to your desired setting, and it does all of the dirty work. The filter is reusable! Just vacuum it out or run it through the dishwasher occasionally. SO easy!

Comment below with a few of your favorite, easy ways to stay healthy this season!