Quick & Easy Pizza Recipe

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Hey there! Instagram husband Adam here. (I go with Bethany.) I am a simple man. I want very little in my life. I want to be know as a good father, a good husband, and I want to be known for making great homemade pizza! That’s it…that’s the list! Seriously though, pizza making is a passion of mine. Having lived in Italy for a few years, I feel like I would be an embarrassment to that great country if I didn’t walk away with some knowledge about pizza. And with the upcoming Super Bowl, you need to be sure you have all the right stuff to serve up a great pie. If you are at a Super Bowl party and they do not have pizza, I advise you to leave that party. You are better off watching it alone than with friends who don’t understand the importance of pizza at a Super Bowl party!  

There are many key things that go into making a great pizza but one of the most important ingredients is Fleischmann’s Rapid Rise Yeast. I have used regular yeast in other pizza doughs but what I love about the Rapid Rise yeast is that it saves SO MUCH time! Rather than having to wait an hour or more for my dough to rise, I simply let it rest for 10 minutes after kneading. And when you are making a pizza (or two) for your Super Bowl party, you will really appreciate all that time you save. I have tried various recipes in the past but I found a new, easy pizza recipe that is sure to be a winner for your party. Find the recipe here!

Be sure to grab a 3 pack of Fleischmann’s Rapid Rise Yeast on your next Walmart trip along with some of your favorite pizza toppings. You can find Fleischmann’s in the baking aisle, near the flour. We like to make a simple pizza, like this pepperoni one for the kids. Then, we mix it up for the adults. Go wild with some BBQ Chicken or delicious veggies on top of that pie! Your Super Bowl party will surely be a winner, even if your team isn’t.