Playroom Update: Repeel Wallpaper

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Hi friends! I’ve been wanting to try the removable wallpaper trend for quite some time now. When Repeel reached out about partnering with us, we were pumped! Honestly, I had the hardest time deciding which space to freshen up with a fun print. Bathroom! Hallway! Living room! Laundry room! So many choices, but only one blog post. 😉

With Amanda’s help, I landed on updating the accent wall in our girls’ playroom with their black and white stripes. When this room was originally decorated, it was for my second daughter’s baby room. Several months ago, we moved our girls into the same room. That’s when this room became the playroom and pop-up guest room. (We store a bed in our garage, and move it in for company! Not as taxing as it sounds. Promise.)

Repeel is removable wallpaper. Think of it as a huge sticker. Pretty neat, huh? Several prints are available on for $29.99-$34.99 per roll. You peel off the backing, use a squeegee to smooth out wrinkles as you go, and stick it to the wall. They recommend overlapping the edges a bit. I don’t think this is recommended, but I was able to lift it and correct my mistakes as I went. Shhh… don’t tell. 😉

I’m going to be honest, this process was a little tricky for me. Being a perfectionist is probably the problem. However, when it was all said and done, I was THRILLED with the change Repeel brought to the space. Knowing that I can easily take this down in a few years, if I’m ready for another change, is definitely a plus.

This wall is about 8′x14′, and I used four rolls. Be sure and measure carefully, so you order the correct amount.

Our girls LOVE the new look in the playroom! Here’s a tip: Rearrange toys every now and then. Your kids will walk in and remember how many fun things they have to play with! (I just figured this out, but Amanda’s been on to this trick for awhile now.)

Which space do you want to update? Thanks for letting me share! Pop over to the Instagram post to see a time lapse video of me putting it up.

xo, Bethany