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Our Favorite Plastic Storage Containers from Walmart

clear plastic storage containers from walmart

As we all know January is a great time for cleaning out, organizing, just an all around fresh start. Rather than feeling like you need to tackle your whole house, pick 1-3 problems and solve them. You will feel like a million bucks and one little corner of your brain will be less cobwebby.

Top 3 Clear Plastic Storage Containers from Walmart

Here are my favorite three clear plastic storage containers from Walmart to help kickstart your organization! My hope is that these storage and organization ideas will inspire you to find solves for little problems in your house and make you feel accomplished!

1.Open Front Storage Bin for Coloring Books

We have a good storage space for coloring and activity books but they get stacked/scattered and no one has any idea where anything is in there. I was so excited to find these bins because they hold lots of books with spines in view, all the while, easy to grab out and put back when done. Easier than the traditional magazine holder, IMO. 

open front bins for coloring books and magazines
small clear plastic bins from walmart for books
close-up of clear plastic storage bins from walmart for books, magazines

2.Hefty XL Vacuum Bags

This is not sponsored but I truly love these vacuum bags. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pillow and in the process, acquired a few that don’t meet the standards of my delicate neck but are “nice” so I don’t want to get rid of them. Where to store 3 king, 1 standard size pillows? With these XL bags, I fit two in each, sucked the air out with the vacuum and now they live under my bed NOT being affected by all the dust under there. The compactness is the real draw and I’m so happy I took a chance on these. 10/10 recommend. 

hefty vacuum bags for pillows
how to store pillows
vacuum sealed pillows in hefty bags for simple storage hack

3. Stackable Bins with Dividers

These bins meet my bin criteria: inexpensive and functional. I love that they are stackable and have removable dividers. So smart! I’ll be honest, my underwear drawer is abysmal. The dividers are perfect for all the little subcategories of undies. Period undies, no show undies, comfy undies, pretty undies, etc. T-shirt bras, sport bras, strapless bras, comfy bras, etc. There’s a million other places you can use these bins. What will you do with them? 

clear plastic storage containers from walmart
clear plastic drawer storage bins from walmart
clear plastic storage bins for bra storage and organization

Find all of these items at Walmart! Let us know what problems you will tackle! 

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