Our Favorites: Mohawk Rugs

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Hi there! I wanted to Share with you a few of our favorite Mohawk Rugs available on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website. Shhh, don’t tell that we cheated on Walmart. JK, There is no possible way for Amanda and me to only shop at Walmart. 😉

First up, is this teal Classic Works rug. Online, Bed Bath & Beyond offers in in several different sizes. This is the 8×10′ for $399.99. Amanda originally chose this one, but I ended up loving it as well! #stylesoulmates We each have it in our master bedrooms. How funny is that?! I swear we didn’t plan that. This rug is a real beauty, it makes me swoon each time I walk into my room. I love the hunter green and blue undertones.

It’s got a very short pile and a tight weave, but that doesn’t stop it from being soft on your roller skates, er, feet. My daughter got these roller skates from Santa, and I don’t think she walks in our house anymore. I believe Mr. Claus found them here. 😉 Read about my bedroom decor here and here.

The second Mohawk rug we love is the Zion Woven Rug in Birch. It’s available in  8×10′ for $299.99. This rug is a Moroccan style, but with a high pile shag that is the coziest. Also, if you’re worried about the light color in a high-traffic room, I’ve already spot cleaned it a couple of times. The stains lifted so easily! PS- Find my favorite floral Walmart flats here.

Thanks for letting me share! Do you need a new rug? What style are you going for?

xo, Bethany