New Snack Idea for the Whole Family

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Anyone having trouble coming up with new snack ideas right about now? I certainly am! Lucky for me (and now you) I was reminded of Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus. Sounds weird, right? Well not only is it not weird, it tastes amazing and it is a “better-for-you” sweet snack option. It is gluten free, vegan, Non-GMO, has no artificial preservatives, and has only 5g of sugar! It’s delicious with strawberries, bananas, pretzels, you name it. I’m loving it on my toast in the mornings. 

Great News! Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus is available at Sam’s Club AND Sam’s Club Grocery Pick Up! Since we’ve been staying home, Sam’s Club Grocery Pick Up has really come in handy. It’s super simple and so many of our normal purchases are available for pick up. Including Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus! Woohoo! 

The smart folks over at Tribe have come up with recipes for some tasty treats using Dark Chocolate Hummus as an ingredient. Head over to their website to check them out! I plan on trying out the No-Bake Smores soon! Check them out here! https://www.tribehummus.com/recipes/
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