Make Memories While Making Dinner

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One of the silver linings of this crazy year we’ve had is that being home so much encouraged my husband and I to get our girls in the kitchen more. It has been such a sweet gift- to all of us! My daughters love the responsibility of being in charge of something and the pride of feeling helpful. It’s been great for us as parents, because they can cook now! I will always hold dear the memories we’ve made together. 

Pizza is very important in our house. We make it about once a week. As you may remember from this post, I used to always let my husband handle that. Confession: I was scared of baker’s yeast. Well, not anymore! It is so easy to make your own homemade pizza crust with Fleischmann’s® Rapid Rise Instant Yeast! If you’re intimidated by yeast, like I was, check out some basic baking tips here.

We switched up our normal Pizza Night and made it a Build Your Own Pizza Night. The girls loved it! I let them in on the entire process. The mixing, kneading, shaping, toppings- all of it! The best part is it only takes about 30 minutes! With Feischmann’s® Rapid Rise Instant Yeast, it only takes the dough about 10 minutes to rise. Amazing! The pizza turned out delicious, and we all enjoyed it. Find the recipe here!

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