Lessons in Girl-Mom World

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I have a confession to make, guys : I’ve never seen the Disney® Frozen movie. I know what you
are thinking, “Who are you????” Well, up until a few months ago, I was a boys-only mom with
two little guys who were just completely uninterested in it. Now that I have a little girl, I feel like
there are a lot of things I need to be briefed on. Luckily, I have two adorable neighbor girls that
were ready and willing to fill me in on all I need to know.

They provided our meeting space (their adorable playroom) and I provided the snacks. We all
know the way to a girl’s heart is with cheese – Disney® Frozen cheese to be exact. I was

handed a tiara as I walked in and we got right to work. Our visit included chats about sisterhood,
dress-up clothes (their mom, a sweet friend, makes the most amazing costumes for the girls),
fingernail painting and so much more. It was a Cliff’s Notes version, but I’m a quick learner so…
we’re good.

I scored major points with my “teachers” when they saw the Disney® Frozen Colby Jack
Cheese. Snacks + girl talk + Frozen… a success! Most kids love cheese (I say
“most” because my second-born is going through a no cheese phase ????) so why
not make their day a little brighter by picking up a pack that dons Disney® Frozen characters….
after all, I hear the movie’s a bit cheesy ????. See what I did there? ????Moms, myself included, love that they are made with milk and that they are individually
wrapped. Great for school lunches or on-the-go snacks… calcium and protein together in
Disney® goodness.

Throw a pack into your shopping cart the next time you are at Walmart… $3.44 for 10 pieces.