LALA Yogurt Smoothies at Sam’s Club

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Always a fan of LALA, I really appreciate that Sam’s Club is making it really easy to continue the obsession. For a limited time at Sam’s Club, you can get a 12 pack for only $6.98. Yes you read that right! This it the perfect time of year to stock up! 

We put these in lunches, use them for after school snacks, sometimes with breakfast. And that’s just for the kids! My husband and I love them too. After typing this out I see why it’s so hard to keep my fridge stocked. Well, back to Sam’s Club. 

LALA Yogurt Smoothies have billions of probiotics, 5g of protein, and vitamin C and maybe most importantly (at least to the kids), they taste great!
Run by Sam’s Club and pick up a pack or two for your family!