Keto-Friendly Cauliflower Crusts at Your Service

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Have you tried cauliflower pizza crusts yet? Well,  what are you waiting for? I recently tried Cali’flour Foods Pizza Crusts and I’m hooked. They are frozen so it’s easy for me to stock up. (We just bought a deep freezer so I now have plenty of freezer space! Praise the Lord!) Initially I was thinking these would be just for me but my youngest (and best eater) LOVES pizza made with this crust. Also, plot twist: my husband who dislikes all things cauliflower, actually likes it a lot. I’m trying to stay chill about it and not say anything for fear I may spook him away from it or something. 

Made with mozzarella, egg whites, and loads of whole cauliflower, this simple cauliflower crust is the perfect base for your next gluten and grain free pizza, quesadilla, or delicious dessert. And, bonus points: they are Leto friendly! 

Preparing this crust at home is a little different from most so I highly recommend reading the instructions and even watching this short video. Don’t be intimidated, it’s not hard, just different. 

Does it make a beautiful pizza? Not really but who cares?!? You are not cooking for the internet. These crusts are an amazing option especially if you are eating gluten and/or grain free, and looking for a keto option. Check out their nutritionals! 

Cali’flour Foods has four flavors available in the healthy foods freezer section at Walmart: Original Italian, Sweet Red Pepper, Spicy Jalapeño, and Plain. AND, there are Plant-Based options for all you non-dairy eaters! 

Give them a try and let us know what you think! 

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