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International Day of Friendship Activities

international day of friendship activities
international day of friendship activities

Celebrate With Your Bestie!

Your ride or die, your keeper of the secrets, your teller of hard truths, your biggest cheerleader, your shoulder to cry on, your advice giver, your outfit runner by-er, etc. 

Best friends are hard to come by, so let’s celebrate them! 

One of mine and Bethany’s favorite things to do together is shop! The first time we really had a chance to shop together was on a work trip (not Whoa Wait Walmart – we go waaaaay back) in Chicago more than 15 years ago. We were darting in and out of stores finding things for ourselves but also each other. It’s a next level of shopping joy when you have a second pair of eyes who knows your style and tastes. As my mom would say, “We had a ball!” Bethany is hands down my favorite person to shop with. 

So, here’s an idea: to celebrate International Day of Friendship 2023, go on a Walmart shopping spree with your bestie! Read on to learn more about our 10th anniversary shopping spree with two of our newest friends.

Our 10-Year Anniversary Shopping Spree

Recently we had the pleasure of shopping together for two winners of our 10 year anniversary giveaway. It was an absolute blast! 

Once the winners were selected, we created a get to know you/style questionnaire: 

  • Are you a risk taker or do you like to play it safe?
  • How would you describe your style?
  • Is there a look or trend you have been wanting to try?
  • Is there a look you are missing in your closet?
  • What would be your ideal outfit to receive? A work outfit, casual outfit, dressy outfit, activewear, etc.
  • Are there any accessories that you are opposed to? (For example: your ears are not pierced, you hate hats, etc.)
  • What do you love the most about your body?
  • Let us know anything else we need to know about you! (For example: I have great legs so shorts and skirts are my thing! It’s super hot where I live so give me all the flowy dresses. I am a mom of little kids so no white please… etc!)

Our winners were Sarah and Gabby and with their answers, we took to Walmart to put together a head-to-toe look for them

Sarah’s Style

Sarah requested linen pants and “Madewell, clean girl aesthetic”. This description was perfect and we knew exactly what she meant. The pull-on linen pants are a staple in both our wardrobes so that was an easy choice. The white top is by Free Assembly and it is adorable! The balloon sleeves are super cute and the finishing details feel high end. She also mentioned loving the color yellow so when we saw the yellow boxy tee, we knew she needed it! She doesn’t wear much costume jewelry so we skipped that and got her the prettiest set of hair clips. The shoes were easy! As soon as we saw the black sandals, they went in the cart. Rounding out the look with a cute/chic crossbody handbag and we say “clean girl aesthetic” it is. 

Here are the links to our product selections: 

Madewell clean-girl look from Walmart. Balloon sleeve top and black linen pants with cross-body beige bag and hair clips from Walmart.
Yellow boxy tee and prettiest set of hair clips from Walmart.

Gabby’s Picks

Gabby gave less direction but her “surprise me” statement was all we needed to craft a look. She’s a stay at home mom of little ones so we wanted to pick something that was easy, comfortable and cute. We both love dresses for their ease and comfort and this one is both! She mentioned that she loves her legs so these striped shorts are the perfect way to show them off. The navy muslin top completes the look and will be breezy for summer. Cute, bright earrings and pretty, simple brown sandals will go with either outfit. The bag is one of our favorite pieces. It’s roomy and so pretty. We love the tassel detail. 

Here are the links to our product selections for Gabby:

Comfy and cute striped shorts, navy muslin top and adorable, bright earrings and pretty, simple brown sandals from Walmart.

Our hope is that these looks will make Sarah and Gabby feel confident and comfortable. We loved shopping for them! Maybe we should shop for more of you guys next time?! 

Here’s another idea: Go shop with your best friend! Make a Walmart shopping date, set a budget, and shop for/with each other. I promise it will be time well spent. If you do, let us hear about it! Don’t forget to fill out the questionnaire before your shopping trip! 

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