Good-For-You Yogurt Smoothies On the Go = Mom Win!

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Hello again, Lovelies! It’s me – Amanda. I know that many of your households are like mine, in that on the way to somewhere, kid-friendly snacking is the norm. And if that sounds familiar, then you also know that HEALTHY grab-and-go snacks aren’t nearly as abundant (or, let’s be honest – as tasty) as the non-healthy. But Bethany and I are excited to once again be partnering with LALA to tell you about their NEW snackable-sized, GOOD-FOR-YOU yogurt smoothies.

These new smoothies – the LALA® Probiotic Smoothie Immune Support ™ and LALA® Probiotic Smoothie Digestive Support ™ help me feel like I’m ”mom-ing” well, because A. the kids feel like they’re getting a sweet treat, but also B. I’m giving their bodies billions of probiotics, protein (10g), and vitamin C (100% of the daily value, in fact)… all that with natural ingredients. And the Orange Pineapple and Mixed Berry flavors are [insert 100% emoji]. LALA’s new probiotic smoothies are perfect for something quick in the car or even in my children’s school lunch. But make no mistake – these aren’t for kids only. Because my husband and I drink them, too… possibly more than our fair share.  Research has shown that probiotics can be beneficial to digestive and immune health, so our family is very pro-probiotic. You’re welcome, digestive tract!

Pick up a pack of LALA® Probiotic Smoothies during your next Walmart grocery run! Available in the dairy aisle!

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Oh, and *be sure to recycle the bottles when you’re done!*