Getting in the Chore Game

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I’m totally late to the ‘kid chores’
game in our household. I’ve
operated under the premise that if
it needs to get done, I can do it
1000 times faster than my
children. But doing that probably
robs the boys of the satisfaction
and confidence-boost that comes
with helping out around the house.
And have you inspected my
house?? Obviously, I could use
some help, even if it’s from a pair
of 4 ½ year old hands. Time to reevaluate.

A couple of obvious chores that
my boys can help with are A.
wiping down the table after dinner
and B. filling up the toilet paper
holder. Even these little tasks are
helpful when I’m juggling the baby,
executing a deep clean of our
bathroom, or prepping game-day
edibles. Bounty® and Charmin®
will be key players off the bench in
our chore game. To tell you the
truth, I don’t really care to try other
brands, because these guys have
been bringing their A-game my whole life.

Now excuse me while I come up with a few more chores the boys can tackle….

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