Family Movie Night with Capri Sun® Organic Pouches

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Full disclosure: This wasn’t technically a “Family” Movie Night. My husband was out of town on a business trip. I was totally beat from mommin’ it. (Amiright?) So, I said, “Girls! Who wants to have a Movie Night?!?!” They rarely get to eat a meal in front of the TV, so they were PUMPED.

What you need: pizza, popcorn, and Capri Sun® Organic juice drink pouches. And a movie! Duh. The girls picked out Frozen, obvi. The drink pouches stood in as the special treat, so I was earning major cool mom points. When in reality, this made my night TONS easier. Shhh. Don’t tell them. 😉 All of this fun happened in jammies, no less! I might need to bust this out more often. Hmmm… once a week sounds nice. Remember to be nice to yourselves too, mommas. Give yourself permission to do something that makes your life easier. 😉

xo, Bethany