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Cute Vacation Dresses + Shoes from Walmart

cute vacation outfits from walmart | beach dresses, resort wear, swimsuits

As we crawl across the finish line that is Maycember, I have one bright light getting me through: the thought of our beach vacation. Beach Amanda is relaxed, she’s usually wearing a flowy dress and a wide brim hat; she drinks all of her water for the day. She’s a delight, I tell ya. So to help future me (and also you), a.k.a. Beach Amanda, I have rounded up some amazingly cute/fun dresses + shoe combos for a beach vacation. Are you going to a budget-friendly place near the beach? Doesn’t matter, you can still call it “resort wear”. 

Ok. Here we go. I know the word “obsessed” is overused and quite frankly, too dramatic for my liking, but I can’t find a better word to describe my feelings about these dresses. 

The pattern and volume of sleeves on this one could not be better. I almost ran over someone with my Walmart cart when I saw it in-store out of the corner of my eye. When I say “I darted” towards it, well, you will just have to trust me. Do not miss the back! the cut is so beautiful and I love the dainty tie across the top of the back. Shop Dress here! Shop Shoes here! 

Sleeves and stripes? What have I done to experience this miracle of a dress? I’ve never been to Hawaii but this is what I would sachet off the plane in. I now refer to it as my Hawaiian dress. P.S. I know that typically speaking, a Hawaiian dress would be floral, but guys, the bold stripes would set you apart from all the floral caftans. (NOTHING against floral caftans – I adore them actually) 

Shop Dress here! Shop Shoes here! Shop Hat here! 

After showing so much leg, I need a long dress, and this one is it! Imagine the beach at sunset, your hair is way more pouffy than in your regular life back home, but you don’t even care because you have managed to find the perfect “walk on the beach and casually have your picture taken” dress. 

Shop Dress here! Shop Shoes here! 

There are more beautiful options, but you aren’t moving to the beach so surely three stunners will do. 

Shoes can really make the outfit so here are my three fave combos right now. Which look is your favorite?

For fun, here is another cute summer hat on clearance! Shop here!