Crest® 3D White Brilliance


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For quite some time, I’ve been feeling like I needed to whiten my teeth. I drink loads of black coffee and mentions of “staining” have come up at almost every dental cleaning. (insert embarrassed emoji face here) When Crest® asked us to try their 3D White Brilliance daily cleansing and whitening system, I was all about it.


I’m not at a (financial) place in life to spend a ton of money on professional whitening treatments. I love that this system is a replacement for your normal teeth brushing, so I don’t have to remember to do anything extra. It fits right into my hectic life and tight budget. It’s around $10 in Walmart stores and online!

Also, I’ve been impressed with the effectiveness of Crest® 3D White Brilliance. Without much effort or expense on my part, I have a brighter, whiter smile. I get to feel more confident in photos, but also just smiling around people in general. Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that we’re done with celebrations. What’s up next? The Super Bowl! I love Super Bowl parties… all of that delicious football-party-food, er, I mean… all of that football watching! 😉

Have you whitened your teeth? Do you want to? What’s holding you back? Thanks for letting me share!

xo, Bethany