Conversations with Kids


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Hi friends! A general theme in all the parenting advice swirling around me right now is intentional connection with your kids. Regularly having conversations is a crucial step in the relationships you’re building. Talking about their school day, their friends, what they like to do, how they are feeling, what being kind looks like, how to make others feel loved, and how to be safe – the list goes on and on.

Whether it’s at dinnertime or snack time, after school conversations can be a little mundane, repetitive, or even non-exsistant.

“How was your day?” “Fine.”

“What did you learn today?” “Nothing.”


We know these conversations are important, though. Luckily, Mardi Gras napkins (available at Walmart) are here to save the day! Their new prints offer a variety of conversation starters that are perfect for kids. (And adults!) My favorite? “Make up a rap about your day.” How fun is that? Plus, the graphics are cute and my girls LOVE them. The 250 count package is only $2.27, but if you prefer to buy in bulk, grab the 700 count for $6.17!


My husband and I are excited to incorporate these into our family dinners. Maybe if we’re busy answering the clever Mardi Gras prompts, that will help reduce the number of times we have to say, “Please, eat your food.” (face palm)

Thank you for reading! Be sure an grab a package of Mardi Gras napkins on your next Walmart run. 😉 Learn more AND grab a coupon over at their website.

xo, Bethany

Be sure to check out the video I shared on Instagram of my daughter answering her prompt.