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Combating Scars that Inevitably come with Childhood

Disclaimer: We were provided these products by Mederma and compensated to promote said products. Pinky promise that the opinions here are truthful and our very own. In fact, we only accept partnerships with companies whose products we like and use. Whoa, wait. Walmart? is in no way responsible for the quality of, or your satisfaction with, any products viewed on our blog. Have questions? Ask us in the comments over on Instagram! (insert kissy face emoji!)

With three kids under this roof, we have our fair share of bobos (my word) and booboos (my husband’s word). Obvi my term is the correct one here. Anyways, the point is, so many falls, scraps, cuts, scratches, bonks, etc. so I was excited to add Mederma Advanced Scar Gel to our medicine cabinet.
The advanced scar gel reduces the appearance of old and new scars. You can use it daily for 8 weeks with new scars and daily for 3-6 months on old scars.
Between myself and my 5 year old, we have an old (me) and a new (him) scar to test it out on. I like the fact that it’s a once daily treatment. That way we can add it into the bedtime routine for both of us and I’m much more likely to remember.
Pick up Mederma Advanced Scar Treatment at Walmart and get $3 off for a limited time!