Better Sleep? Yes, Please!

nanobionic sheets

Disclaimer: We were provided this product by SleepCharge and compensated to promote said product. Pinky promise that the opinions here are truthful and our very own. In fact, we only review products we like and use. Whoa, wait. Walmart? is in no way responsible for the quality of, or your satisfaction with, any products viewed on our blog. Have questions? Ask us in the comments! (insert kissy face emoji!)

Sleep. We all want it, right? More of it. Better quality of sleep. I’ve struggled with occasional insomnia since I was pregnant with my first daughter. I’m serious about my sleep, and I’m so sad when I can’t sleep. I also haven’t ever been chill about my children’s sleep. I was the mom that stuck to bedtimes and nap times when the girls were little. Whew. It’s a lot to worry about! Especially because my daughters aren’t big sleepers. 🙁

Good news! Walmart has launched a new product line that can promote more restful and restorative sleep. Sign me up! I’ll take it for all the beds in my house!

This new line, SleepCharge Powered by Nanobionic is a collection of performance bedding items that have blend of minerals embedded in the fabric are activated by body heat, also known as energy. SleepCharge pillow protectors, mattress protectors, mattress pads, sheets, and comforters return energy back to you, stimulating local blood flow, and help repair tired muscles and joints. (Yes, please!) This restoration promotes a more restful sleep.

Sounds too good to be true, right? I bet you’re wondering how they do it. Here’s how:

“SleepCharge Powered by Nanobionic melts down a powerful blend of minerals that emit far-infrared rays. Far-infrared rays enable energy transfer and accelerate local blood flow all while helping to reduce muscle tension and improve circulation. Soft, high-quality breathable fabrics are infused with the proprietary Nanobionic formula. These therapeutic fabrics are then made into SleepCharge bedding products.”

via walmart.com on the SleepCharge brand page

Have you heard of infrared heat? This is a similar technology, but these items don’t heat you up-don’t worry. Infrared heat is said to be so good for your body! My hot yoga studio and chiropractor even use it! However, far infrared has much greater efficacy. The minerals react with your body heat in a manner that is even that much more advantageous than just infrared. This can help by providing even better circulation, increased blood flow, and restoration to tired muscles. So, so great!

It’s so amazing! Amanda and I have been using a few of the SleepCharge bedding items for a couple of months, so we’re already believers in this incredible technology. Next, I’ll be using them in my daughters’ bedding. 😉

Bonus: These products are very luxurious! The feel of the sheeting is buttery soft. Shop the collection in Walmart stores and online here.

SleepCharge Powered by Nanobionic technology is FDA reviewed and registered as a general wellness product.