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Bethany’s Reads: The Guest List & Seven Days in June

bethany's book review

Hello friends.

Fall is finally just around the corner. The early morning crisp temps are promising that we won’t be hot forever. One of my favorite things about fall reading is curling up on my deck in my egg chair with a fresh book. The cooler weather even allows for snuggling up under a blanket or pulling on a cozy sweater. It’s just the best. Bonus points for adding in a mug of coffee or hot tea. I’ll turn on my out-of-office reply faster than you can say pumpkin spice.

Both of the books I’m sharing today graced Reese’s Book Club list. I follow them on Insta– such a quick, easy way to find good books! From the moment I opened each of these books, I was hooked. That is always a good sign. I couldn’t put them down – I was done reading each of them in about 2 days!

The Guest ListThe Guest List by Lucy Foley

This thriller is the perfect blend of suspense and relational drama. I’m always here for relational drama, be it romantic, family, or friendships I find them all fascinating. On an eerie, secluded island off the coast of Ireland, the wedding of a blogger turned magazine publisher and an up-and-coming actor with a hit new show is sure to be anything but typical. Guests arrive by boat, but whether all of them get to go home at the end of the night is yet to be known. She’s your average a-type, driven, over achiever with anger issues and he can charm anyone he looks at, but has secrets his bride to be doesn’t know about. The timeline hops back and forth between before the wedding and after the wedding, and is told from multiple different characters’ point of view. As the story unfolds, resentment and jealousy rear their ugly heads, ending in murder.

Find it on Walmart.com here!



Seven Days in JuneSeven Days in June by Tia Williams

As I think back over this beautifully written story, that reads as fast as they speak in a Gilmore Girls episode, I get goosebumps. It’s such a sweet narrative of love that was lost and then found… but will it be lost again? Genevieve (pronounced in the Creole way: John-Vi-Ev) also known as Eva and Shane meet as high schoolers, fall in love over the course of seven days in June, but part in uncertain circumstances. They spend 15 years apart, only to be randomly reunited by fate. During another seven days in June they unpack all that they meant to each other and all of the hurts that happened between them. Both Eva and Shane are best selling authors, but Shane has been unable to find stability in family, floating in and out of foster homes and jail throughout his childhood and Eva is a single mom that had an unsteady upbringing. Inspite of that, it’s witty and deeply feeling, with a dash of steaminess. I can’t wait to reread this book!

Find it on Walmart.com here!

Happy reading! Comment below with your favorite reads from 2021!