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???????? Back to School Lunch Hacks

back to school lunch hacks

It’s that time of year again! ???????? As we get ready to send the kiddos back to school, we thought we’d share some tips and tricks to make mom life a little easier. 

✏️ Make a list for each of your kids of all the lunchbox friendly foods they like. That way packing lunches will be a breeze and require less mental load!

✏️ Better yet, let your kids pack their own lunches! Even early readers can reference the foods they like. If your kids aren’t quite reading just yet, you could draw picture next to the items on their list, or use this mini label printer to print pictures of their favorite lunch foods.

✏️ Pack all lunches each afternoon when the kids get home from school. That will cut down on the after dinner or morning rush stress. Need help with teaching your kids time (or yourself!) management? This wall decal schedule could help! It’s peel and stick, dry-erasable decal, and you can reposition it if needed.

✏️ Let each kid pick out their own lunch box to get them excited to pack it all year long. There are some really cute options this year at Walmart!

✏️ Having the right containers for lunch packing can be a total lifesaver! We love bento box-style reusable containers. The divided sections help little ones get all the right components to making a great lunch. Plus, there are less dishes to wash! Here are two great options: one  // two

✏️ One obstacle we encountered with my elementary aged daughters last school year was carrying alllll the things into school each morning. They each had a laptop and a lunchbox and that was a lot to stuff into a backpack that wasn’t so big that it knocked them over like a turtle on it’s back. 😉 These Wonder Nation backpack sets have clips that attach the lunch box to them! How awesome is that?! These are our faves for girls and boys!