Anti-aging for Neck & Chest Area!


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Hey Lovelies! Thanks to my older sister who told me at least ten years ago to ‘BE SURE AND PUT MOISTURIZER ON YOUR NECK!’, I’ve been slathering any ol’ lotion I can find, south of my jawline. She’s just a smidge older (21 years) than me, so I listen to all nuggets of wisdom she is willing to share. Turns out she was ahead of her time, because our necks are getting more wrinkly than ever. I know that’s a weird sentence, but stick with me. We’ve spent A LOT more time looking down at our phones and computers lately, a phenomenon which has been given an adorable (not really) name: ‘Tech Neck’. I didn’t make up ladies…Google it!  Apparently, all this craning downward has accelerated the aging of our youthful, baby-smooth necks. How can we combat this?!?! Well, unless you want to give up your phone, there’s Jergens Skin Firming Neck & Chest Revitalizing Cream instead!

While I’m in the habit of applying lotion to those areas already, I am super pumped that Jergens is now making a revitalizing cream specifically for those areas. It visibly smooths, firms and protects for a more youthful appearance. With vitamin B3, collagen, elastin AND SPF 15, it not only restores hydration, but it also prevents future damage. Aaaand it’s under $10 at Walmart!


So to return the favor to my sister: Di – give this Jergens Neck & Chest cream a try! You and everyone else reading this can find it at Walmart in the Skincare aisle!